Jan. 9th, 2011

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New Year's Resolutions (9 days late):

Post regularly - starting now.
Utilize the fitness facilities at least three times a week - starting tomorrow.
Read at least one book a month that is only for enjoyment - going to the library today.
Keep the room organized and tidy - worked on it today and just have to keep it this way.

Also, I had a roommate shock today. I got back to school from winter break yesterday afternoon, dropped all my things off, and stayed at the hotel with my dad and sister last night. When I came back this morning, SHE WAS HERE. SLEEPING. Well, waking up, actually. But it was like magic.

I'm all unpacked, and my room is slightly more organized than it was when I left in December. I sent a bunch of my books home to make room for the new ones (most of which are coming in from Amazon tomorrow). And I figured out a reasonable way to store my jewelry. And re-ordered my closet. I need to go to the Waterfront to get more laundry sheets (only 2 left) and a few other essentials, but I think I'll also be picking up another package of wall hooks. I need at least one more. And a new Brita filter. This is all starting to add up... How annoying.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Spring semester. Classes: dramaturgy, foundations of drama, production and theatre management, Middle East/US Relations, France during WWII, and French. Should be a nice, big workload. Also tomorrow is work at the Children's School and band practice.

ALSO. I can cross post to my old journal, which I'm going to do for the heck of it.


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