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Bestsellers (fiction and nonfiction) the day I was born:

Revolution from Within
 (a self-esteem book, as it were)


The_Pelican_Brief (which is a legal suspense thriller)

A few other interesting ones include my boyfriend (CHUTZPAH), my friend Taylor (SCARLETT), and my two-year-old cousin (The Associate - the same genre and author as The Pelican Brief).
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New Year's Resolutions (9 days late):

Post regularly - starting now.
Utilize the fitness facilities at least three times a week - starting tomorrow.
Read at least one book a month that is only for enjoyment - going to the library today.
Keep the room organized and tidy - worked on it today and just have to keep it this way.

Also, I had a roommate shock today. I got back to school from winter break yesterday afternoon, dropped all my things off, and stayed at the hotel with my dad and sister last night. When I came back this morning, SHE WAS HERE. SLEEPING. Well, waking up, actually. But it was like magic.

I'm all unpacked, and my room is slightly more organized than it was when I left in December. I sent a bunch of my books home to make room for the new ones (most of which are coming in from Amazon tomorrow). And I figured out a reasonable way to store my jewelry. And re-ordered my closet. I need to go to the Waterfront to get more laundry sheets (only 2 left) and a few other essentials, but I think I'll also be picking up another package of wall hooks. I need at least one more. And a new Brita filter. This is all starting to add up... How annoying.

Tomorrow is the beginning of Spring semester. Classes: dramaturgy, foundations of drama, production and theatre management, Middle East/US Relations, France during WWII, and French. Should be a nice, big workload. Also tomorrow is work at the Children's School and band practice.

ALSO. I can cross post to my old journal, which I'm going to do for the heck of it.
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I'm still waiting for that perfect reading chair.

(Hello, Joshua.)
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I want a really cozy armchair constructed for the purpose of curling up with a good book.
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Not a post about my roommate, dispite Ianto's presence.

So I'm just jotting this down to post something for myself. I just told a friend that, basically, it's like my college was this really friendly lion, and I thought we were getting on swimmingly, and then out of no where, it ate my whole and spit me back out. I'm still alive, but the swamp in the lion's stomach was enough to shake me up a bit. Still reeling, too; I have two midterms next week, two projects due Thursday, readings all week, a theatre project to finish before tomorrow afternoon, and three books that I'd really like to read but don't have the time for! I need that mid-semester break!

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My roommate did her laundry today.

And then left it in the hallway.

All FOUR PILES of it.
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I am exhausted. I have been so busy, and I love it, but I'm exhausted. And I think I'm going to take a nap as soon as I finish this entry. I started two jobs this week, took on an advertising project, did my classwork, joined a club, and volunteered to play with the band for a marathon. I got home at 4am this morning, slept til 8am, and went to band practice, followed by the football game, followed by advertising, followed by homework -- and that's where I am now. I have six readings, all due Tuesday, and I need to write assesments of three summary analyses, due as an oral presentation on Monday. I'm not overwhelmed or concerned about getting it all done. I'm just tired. And what I'd really like to do is curl up with someone I love and go to sleep for a few hours.

I'll be going to visit my friends and boyfriend in a few weeks, and my family is coming to visit me next Saturday. This is great news, because I really miss these people. It's difficult to be away, especially when I still don't have anyone to "replace" them. I obviously don't mean replace (hence the quotes), but I don't have someone here who I would tell everything to, with whom I feel totally comfortable all the time... I miss that kind of relationship.

But at any rate, I think I will sleep for a bit. I deserve it, at this point. And I'll have some time tonight and tomorrow to work on reading, etc.
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While most of the other food things I mentioned have remained un-opened, I give you, a scence from my life.

(Roommate [R] enters.)

R: Oh, hey! So I just went grocery shopping and got four boxes of tea and a bunch of other stuff.
Me: You do realize there's no room for more food, don't you?
R: Haha, well, I mean almost all of my cereal is almost all gone. So that'll make room.
Me: Right.
R: So yeah, I bought for boxes of tes! (She names them.) And I got some more cereal, and a loaf of sourdough bread, and oh! some cheese. I got gouda and havarti.
Me: Okay.
R: Oh, right, and some peaches and plums, if you want some of those.
Me: Okay. Thanks.

WTF? Seriously, WTF? Not only because you are suffocating us with food products, but aren't you a poor college student? What the hell are you doing buying pricey cheeses from the grocery store, along with all of this other rubbish? No exaggeration, I would estimate she has spent over a hundred dollars in the past month. Just on food. That takes up space. And she has a meal plan. Some of my textbooks cost a hundred dollars! WHAT???

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Note to those on an email list: STOP REPLYING TO ALL! It's not a hard concept. Hit "reply to sender" and be done with it!

TODAY! I got two jobs! One at a late night waffle cafe, one at a children's school! Huzzah! I have very few hours, however, so the pay is a little lower than I'd like.

And also - the other dramaturgs are the best people on earth. They all watch Doctor Who and Torchwood and know all about BBC and like wonderful things and are obsessed with Caryl Churchill, etc. Basically, these people are made of awesome.
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Also, my roommate is allowed to use my printer on one condition: that she supplies paper for both of us since I pay for ink.

We haven't had paper for three days, and I mention it twice a day.

I hate reading things on the computer, but I can't print out any of the electronic articles. This is so freaking annoying. I'm probably going to a public printing cluster and using my printing quote (which I was saving for great things like full color posters and things I can't print with my machine). I get $40 a semester, and this current article will cost me almost four dollars. Like I said, annoying.

But! My dad, Gram, and friend are coming to visit me on Saturday! This is very exciting! I miss them all quite a bit. Hopefully Friend #2 can also visit.
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Do you know what's a real bummer? Leaving class, walking to your dorm, putting the key in the lock thinking Yes! the room to mysefl! and finding out your roommate is taking a sick day. Foiled again!
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My reward for finishing an essay is posting an entry and playing loud music. And hot chocolate. I wish I had whipped cream, though.

So basically, I still have another essay to write tonight, plus a really, really boring chapter to read. I've been putting off the reading for an whole week, but it's due tomorrow. But on the extra-curriculars side, I got my marching band uniform today! Very cool. And also, I am now involved in two productions:

The devised dance piece as a stagehand and costume assistant, but I might get to do dramaturgy!
Props team for Rocky Horror Show, hopefully doing lights for that show as well

This is very exciting to me.
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Rain, blessed rain! There's a thunderstorm going on outside. I didn't realise this until I thought, maybe I'll go out and grab a bite to eat, then looked out the window and saw SO MUCH WATER.

This may seem like an overreaction, but this place is dry (aside from the wild parties, that is). The grassy areas are perhaps 30% grass, 70% dry dirt (or add in 50% manure, for a specific section of the campus at present). It's kind of sad to look at. They dry grass, not the manure. But anyway, the only rain I've seen since I got here three weeks ago was one really severe downpour, and of course, it was a night that I was walking about a mile from a party to my dorm. And I do love me a good t-storm!

So, I'm looking at my options, because I foolishly ate dinner before 5pm, meaning that I'm once again hungry. But I don't feel like going out in the storm. That leaves easy mac, pop-tarts, cereal, oatmeal, or hummas and wheat thins. Or I could meander down to the kitchen and cook the pasta I bought. But who wants to bother with that?
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Bout of depressingness is over. I did almost everything I intended to over the long weekend, the exception being half of my reading and one essay. That being said, especially because the essay and reading isn't due to til Friday, I have a pretty open day today, even though it's my day without lunch. I'll at least finish the paper today. And hopefullly practice flute.

Oh, I'm adding a "course" to my semester load; it's a devised theatrical dance and movement piece thing. And really cool. It's my first theatre project at college! I'll be an asst. costume designer and stagehand. I wanted to be stage manager a little bit, but as I'm a freshman, that's a bit much to ask.
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No acappella group for me this semester. That's kind of a bummer. And I still eat dinner alone most of the time. Also a bummer.

On the bright side, I had a great time at the marching band picnic. We played volleyball and had a grand old time. I talked to people, joked with people, met new people... It's just kind of sad that when it's over, I'm alone again.

Talk about depressing. I'm painting shadows even on the good parts of my day.

This was not going to be a depressed entry. It just kind of turned out that way.

I wish my friends went to college with me. It would make life so much easier.

I did finish my English essay. My boyfriend thinks it has too many quotes. :p
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Success! All of the essays have been read and marked up! Now I just have two chapters of reading (one of which I might just leave til later this week; it's just too dull) and two brief essays. Then, a marching band picnic!

Also, it's Read a Book Day, so I need to read a book. I was going to read The Burning of Bridget Cleary, since I'll need to read it for class eventually, but it wasn't as captivating as I thought it would be. Maybe I'll read The Picture of Dorian Gray. It's been too long since I read that book...
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I hereby label today (meaning yesterday) a success!
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I have successfully put a dent in my weekly homework! Tomorrow, I conquer the other half! I'm using this long weekend to get a head start on my homework for the entire week, just because I have the time. That is one thing I like about college syllabi - the instrictors list all of the homework for the entire semester, so I can really get a jump on it when I have extra time. So far, I've read two articles that I was assigned, written one essay out of three, composed a program note, and started a second essay. I think before the night is out I'll read the chapter that's due for Russian history. And probably call it a night. Maybe go get some sweet potato fries or make a cup of tea. Probably the latter, since I don't really feel like going out.

Left to do:

Irish history essay
half an English essay
read Russian history chapter
read four additional articles
read a chapter of a really boring text
hopefully practice flute for marching band

Now that I see that list, I might actually tackle the Russian lit and a couple of articles tonight. Or maybe just all of the articles. We'll see.

Foodie Roommate update: I also discovered an un-opened jar of "Better than Bouillon" vegetable base and a package of Tofu+. The tofu isn't too befuddling, as she is a vegetarian, but all the list just keeps getting longer. Perhaps this will culminate in a massive gourmet vegetarian extravaganza?
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I think this is my roommate story icon. So ever since we got to school about three weeks ago, my roommate has been going the grocery store and returning with food. The problem? There isn't really room for it, AND there is way too much. Most of it hasn't even been opened. I give you, for example, the 48 oz. container if almonds, purchased Week 1, freshness seal still intact. It's company includes a huge bag of whey protien, a box of brown rice, peanut butter, and a canister of couscous, all un-opened. Not to mention the five boxes of cereal. And the pound of butter which has yet to even be touched. But today, I came into the room and found she had struck gold once again.

I was going to the fridge to get leftover pizza for dinner, and atop the microwave is half a loaf of challah. (It's important to note that my roommate is not remotely Jewish.) Perplexed, I shrugged it off. But when I opened the fridge, I could ignore the issue no longer. Staring at me from the door where one might usually keep cans of soda or milk are four packages of fresh herbs. We now have basil, oregano, and two (2) bunches of cilantro. Here's what I want to know: WTF are you going to do with basil, oregano, and two bunches of cilantro?!

Roommates: can't live without them, but only because university housing says so.
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One of the frustrating things about auditions is that sometimes you just don't do your best work. I auditioned for two acapella groups today, and while I can say one went better than the other, and I can say it could have been a lot worse, neither one of them actually showed the auditioners what I was capable of. I got nervous and shaky on my high notes in one, and my scales were breathy in the other. I really hope that I can at least be a part of one of them. I really want to sing again, and this would be a great opportunity.

The great thing about tech theatre is you don't really have an audition process. It's "what do we need" and "what can you do to help". I'm going to a tech meeting on Wednesday. I have not been so discouraged that I'm done with trying to find new campus groups!


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