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 Tonight, I saw Superior Donuts at the Pittsburgh Public Theatre.

All in all, I really liked it, although I don't think it was as powerful or as universal as August:Osage County. My friend Isabel highlighted that it might have something to do with (me) not living through the Vietnam war, which was a big part of the play. 

I want to see this play again, but in a different theatre. There was a lot of waiting for laughter in this show, and the fight scene which was the climax of the show fell flat because the choreography was just not well done. (Ex. The flour bag that was throw was not heavy, and it didn't look heavy, which is more important. Also, the punches and such looked horrible.) The only good part of the fight was the bit done of stage. This was truly disappointing, because I was so emotionally involved in the build up to the fight. I also didn't really see exactly how the monologues in between scenes fit in. But I think all of this is a problem with this production in particular. I'm going to get my hands on a script, and see for myself, but I think Letts' writing is really solid. The dialogue was natural, but still beautiful, like a combination of Mamet-speak and something more classic. 

Also, we almost got hit by a bus. While in a car. At an intersection. Terrifying, to be sure.


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